"Self-determination: Legal regulations at the end of life"

The second dialogue event of NRP 67 is being organised in collaboration with the Federal Office of Justice.

​The adult protection law entered into force in 2013. It allows adults who are capable of making their own decisions to write a living will that will maintain self-determination should their decision-making capacity become impaired at a later stage in life. The new law aims to strengthen the right to self-determination. But the end of life is a time when we are faced with difficult and often controversial decisions.

New legal provisions always need to pass the test of time. At the dialogue event, experts will have the opportunity to discuss how the new law has fared in practice. NRP 67 researchers will present the results of research projects studying the legal aspects of the last phase of life and the ability of dying patients to make decisions. Representatives from the practical realm will comment on the results and discuss them with the researchers and other participants in the event.